Sandra and Arthur’s Winter Wedding

March 14, 2011
It may have been cold outside but the warmth of Sandra and Arthur’s wedding glowed all around the little village of Girton, Cambridge.

Preperations started at Sandra’s mum and dad’s gorgeous house, a perfect setting for my photographs.

Rachel, my most fabulous second shooter, waited at the church with Arthur and his best man. They were there real early!
What a fairy tale! White horses, the lot. The bridesmaids looked as though they’d been wrapped in snowflakes and sent by the snow queen.
Sandra really was a beautiful bride and looked just the part, stepping out of that carriage.
The service was traditional but fun…

I tried not to make Sandra walk around too much in that dress…but it did look so good!!!
Something told me that this had been a lifelong fantasy of Sandra’s.
She found her prince charming in the form of the handsome Arthur. They are such a happy couple.
The Great Hall at Girton College provided the perfect setting for Mr and Mrs Chapman’s darling girl. Nothing but the best, ’cause she deserves it.
Sandra’s dad’s actually been a film extra in some period films. He really is a character.

The cake was one of the most lovely I’ve seen. Sandra and Arthur cut it with the family heirloom sword which was a fantastic touch.
So then the dancing started. (accompanied by a live singer!)
The happy couple seemed to be in a world of their own.
All good things come to those who wait.