Norwood School

February 20, 2012
A few weeks ago I went back to skooool! The Norwood School is rebranding and is launching a marketing campaign. The staff asked me to be a part of their exciting project.

The pupils were a dream to photograph. They looked immaculate and were really hard-working all day.
I had so much fun, going down memory lane and visiting classes in all my favourite subjects.
Even Maths looked fun!
The school has a sixth form and it was especially thrilling for me to see this group really throwing themselves in to their specialist subjects…
As you might know, I have a special interest in dance and there was the most dynamic dance class going on. It really gave me itchy feet so I couldn’t help choreographing this shot!
Good luck all of you and thank you for being so utterly photogenic. I look forward to another day at Norwood.