Natalie and Paul

April 28, 2011
Natalie and Paul are such a lovely couple. They are really laid back and fun. Their gorgeous baby, Sienna was just around 3 months old when we went to Hylands Park in Chelmsford for their engagement shoot.

We met at the cafe and I was inspired by the sweet little cup cakes they were selling, especially as I had spotted a perfect location on my way through the park.

Natalie and Paul walk their dog, Mozart here every weekend so ‘Mozzie’ was eager to get on with his normal walk. First thing’s first, after all!
We headed over to this fairy tale house for a few shots of the happy couple who are getting married next month. The cup cakes came in handy to get these two giggling – not that they needed much encouragement!
Natalie is a really relaxed mummy. It really is a pleasure to watch her and Paul with Sienna. What a cute baby!
I really can’t wait to see these two get married.
Looking forward to it, guys! x