London Fashion Week

February 28, 2011

Thanks to my fabulous, Fashion Editor friend, Sophie Jones-Cooper, I was commissioned by Sur La Terre magazine, Doha to cover Autumn/Winter 2011/12 in London last week. What a brilliant job!
Our first show was Mulberry at Claridges.

The theme was around the English Countryside and was inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.

There were some great people to photograph in front of the giant toadstall. Some came to see…
…and some came to be seen!
The show was packed out with fashionistas and celebrities so I tried my hand at a bit of ‘Pap’ photography!
I caught a few celebs, including Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts and Karen Gillan, the new Dr Who girl.
We spent a lot of time at Somerset House, where lots of the major shows were happening. It was the epicentre for style and there were so many gorgeous, willing models to be photographed.

If it hadn’t been so cold, I’d have stayed there all day but it was great to see what’ll be influencing our winter wardrobes next year.
Sophie and I were among the excited crowd, waiting to see the Osman show.

The show attracted designers, models, bloggers and photographers…
…some of whom were clearly influenced by the black leathers, white fabrics and combinations of structure and flow, so typical of Osman.
Again, some were there to be seen!
The show was exciting and powerful with flashes of bright coloured vertical stripes teamed with bold blacks.
It really was a dream to photograph this show. I was quite a way back but my trusty lenses did me proud.

The highlight of my experience at LFW has to be the Matthew Williamson show.

The evening started with a wonderful champagne reception.

There were some really unique looks. Deborah, below, actually designs those bows herself.

The front row was star studded, as you’d expect.
Alexa Chung is stunning and I think she had her eye on a particular fluffy jacket!

Star of the show for me, though, was the beautiful, Olivia Palermo. What an incredible face!

The designs were brilliant, mixing vibrant colours with furs and belting it up!

I had an absolutely pole position right in amongst some really well established and respected fashion photographers. I was on such a high. I loved it!

And, of course, I fell in love with one particular dress! Maybe if I started saving now…!!