November 16, 2011
He’s here, he’s here!

Remember I photographed the beautiful, blooming Lucy in the summer? Well, I was so delighted to visit her and her brand new little baby boy at their home in Fulham on Saturday. Harvey was wide awake for most of the shoot. I found myself waiting for him to go off to sleep so that I could get my snoozy shots!
Lucy and Gary are both such natural and attentive parents. Mind you, being a nanny, Lucy has had a bit of practise!
Photographing a baby without a nappy on is a dangerous business! Luckily you can’t quite tell from the photographs!
Baby Harvey is such a little miracle.
He was a dream to photograph. It’s not often a 2 week old baby looks right at the camera so when he did it was a real gift. Welcome to the world, little angel.
Lucy and Gary, thank you so much for letting me take such intimate shots of you all. You can’t beat the natural beauty of a tiny baby so close to his mummy and daddy. x