Happy Birthday Zac!

November 14, 2012
Anyone who knows me of old will know my dear dear friend, Sanj. We were as thick as thieves at Uni…and our hair was the same length!
Meet Zac! This is Sanj and Katie’s little boy and it was his first birthday the other day.
It’s so funny seeing little flashes of Sanj’s personality and expressions in Zac.
…but for some reason, it just seems so natural that Sanj is such a wonderful daddy!
We all went for a walk (or a toddle) down to the Thames in Teddington, London, where Sanj, Katie and Zac live. 
Zac is just so in to EVERYTHING! 
…although you’re never quite sure of exactly what he’s pointing at or where he’s going next!

He sure does look like his mummy…

…but I’m pretty sure I know where he learns all his naughty tricks!!

How cute?!

See what I mean?!!

Thank you for such a lovely afternoon y’all! So great to see you. Love always.
 ; )