Fahim&Dhruti’s Engagement, Cambridge

July 25, 2013

I can honestly say that photographing Fahim proposing to Dhruti on the river in Cambridge was one of the most thrilling and beautiful things I have ever done. It was all planned, although Dhriti didn’t suspect a thing. I was waiting on the bridge for their punt chauffeur to give me the signal and then….it happened! I snapped away from the bridge and then came hurtling down to the river bank, knocking several tourists out of my way (by accident), to join the happy couple on their boat. We then had a little impromptu portrait session as we were punted up The Backs. Last night Fahim and Dhriti saw their images for the first time…over burritos. I think it helped them choose their favourites…tough decisions! It is such a pleasure to meet these guys and Dhruti’s sister who has just graduated in photography, too. I am sincerely hopeful that I can photograph Fahim and Dhruti’s wedding in April. The style and guests will represent a fusion of cultures and I just know it is going to be stunning. Right up my street…or river!!! x