Elizaveta Tuktamysheva will be even closer to the fans

May 23, 2020

Popular skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for one night will be even https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/20-super-dice-online-slot/ closer to the fans through live streaming on the social network.

 Tuktamysheva “Instagram” – is not the limit

 Quarantine brings about changes in leisure time athletes. Because of him, they are forced to abandon their traditional way of life. But there is this downside. They were able to get closer to their fans. Great success among the skaters in this direction show Plushenko, Yagudin and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

 But if the first two have started to become active in recent years, then Lisa has long been an active community has formed in his Instagram and Twitter. Self-irony, humor and all kinds of ideas for involvement made it popular and active page. For example, recently skater attracted his fans to work on a new show room for the next season. What came out of it – can be read in our article.

 In addition, Lisa in the last week became a frequent visitor to various live broadcasts and remote interviews. So, while interacting with Lina Fedorova she told about his thoughts about the “curse of the Olympic Games”, with whom she has faced in his career. But this is not stopped, and soon fans will be able to see again Lisa and ask all their questions.

 On its page announced skater participate live from VK Sport:

 Such an announcement appeared in the group of social network profile. The press release stated that the broadcast will be held April 30 at 21:30 Moscow time. Athlete will answer questions about how to pass its isolation, reminisce the past tournaments and talk about their plans. In addition, the audience has left a post questions, which will be announced Tuktamysheva.

 At the time of writing material such matters quite a bit. Some of them whether Lisa will visit over time some of the city, part of the – of the plans. Some are devoted to the creation of her experience with the audience of the program.

 We strongly recommend to read our material on the important day in the life of Tuktamysheva, she waited for the last 9 months.

 Earlier we talked about the plans Tuktamysheva after the end of the quarantine.

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