August 20, 2012
You can probably imagine how excited I am about photographing Deb’s and Howard’s wedding in a few weeks time.

Well, let me tell you it gets even better for me as they’re getting married in Little Abington Church. Little Abington is where I grew up, just a few doors away from Debs. We didn’t know each other then. It’s just all a happy coincidence that they chose me as their wedding photographer!!

After the ceremony, we’re going to Deb’s grandma’s house for a marquee reception. Her grandma’s house is set in the land you see here…perfect for photographs.

I couldn’t resist getting them in to this field, probably just a few days before it’s harvested.

It was so lovely to hear Debs tell Howard about how she used to play here as a kid.

This is her special place and soon she will share it with all of her family and friends to celebrate her new husband!

Howard saw Debs working at Greens gym in Cambridge and pretty much fell for her there and then.

He talked her in to going on a date and the rest, as they say…

…is yet to come!!