Beautiful, Magazine Style Shoot, Sussex

May 16, 2013

…and what do I like to do on my days off?!! THIS!!! A few weeks ago I got involved in this fantastic styled shoot in Sussex. I was inspired by lots of other incredibly talented and creative photographers and worked with some beautiful sets and models, styled by excellent designers. ‘Err, hello, I’m in heaven!’ I hope you enjoy my favourites.

The Spirit of Beltane & Gypsy Caravan Styled Shoot 16/17 April 2013 Credit List:

Styled Shoot Team:
Hannah Best
Elizabeth Ruby
Melissa Love

Lead Photographers
Joanna Brown
Lisa Devlin

Set Styling, Flowers & Catering
Hannah Best

Web Design
Melissa Love

Fashion Styling
Hannah Best
Elizabeth Ruby
Laura Kate O’Rourke

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist
Carolanne Armstrong

Gypsy Caravan Dress
Joanne Fleming Designs

Spirit of Beltane Bridal Scene Models
Kristy Tsois
Sam Beahan

Gypsy Caravan Scene Model
Meredith Hepner Phillips Theodorou

Jewellery contributed by:
Union Jewellery
Chrysalis Couture

With special thanks to:
Rebecca Douglas
Emma Thwaites
Jayne & Joe Sacco
Laura Brennan
The lovely Tea Set Team and…. to all of those mentioned above for your help and effort in making my experience on a styled shoot so valuable and such fun.