Beautiful Eyes and Dragonflies…

August 22, 2012
Meet Molly! Molly’s mummy and daddy are getting married in Cambridge next month.

Andrea chose me to be her wedding photographer because we know each other of old. We both used to be dancers in our previous lives (actually we still like to move a bit!)

She met Adam through her sister, Sarah. It was pretty much love at first dance!

Andrea and Adam’s wedding is going to be remarkable, after all, the proposal was sensational.

Andrea’s favourite time of year is Christmas and she loves the snow. Adam bought a snow machine (!!) and filled their garden with snow on Christmas morning. He and Molly watched her rush out in to the garden where they were waiting with the ring!

And another remarkable thing happened on our shoot a few weeks ago…

A beautiful Dragonfly perched right on Andrea’s ring.

Can you believe it?!!

It’s all so meant to be and I just can’t wait to be a part of Andrea and Adam’s special day.

I could be seen kicking my shoes off for a bit of a dance with some old (not that old!) faces.

…and Molly will look like a princess. Possibly the most loved and loveable little girl in the world. Congratulations Mrs G-to-be!!