January 6, 2012
Meet Gus. He’s a friend of mine and a little more than a friend to my pup, Diesel. Diesel ADORES him! He licks his ears every time he sees him. In fact, he’s been inspecting my work over my shoulder very time Gus appears on the screen! It must be love!

Augustus’ owner, Anthony asked me to do a portrait shoot of the two of them. I jumped at the opportunity and it just so happened that the shoot was on a beautiful winter day on Midsummer Common in Cambridge, their favourite walking spot.
Gus will do almost anything for a Boneo but really, he is such a photogenic boy, I had my pick of perfect poses!
The light was gorgeous.
The relationship between these two is fabulous. Playtime was just a hoot!
“Erm, did you say Tommy Hilfiger was looking for a new model?!”
Thanks, Gus and Anthony, for a lovely morning. Diesel was really quite jealous!